Credit Today is the fastest growing publication in the credit field, favored by more and more top credit executives. We cover the world of business, or trade credit, with concise, yet in-depth, reporting. We also publish the most in-depth salary survey in the industry, covering all major credit positions.Credit Today is the fastest growing publication in the credit field, favored by more and more top credit executives. We cover the world of business, or trade credit, with concise, yet in-depth, reporting. We also publish the most in-depth salary survey in the industry, covering all major credit positions.   
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Our Subscribers Say...

I think Credit Today is fantastic. You cover many practical topics in the credit field that I use regularly. Just one recent example—a conversation on the ListServ about preferential payments—gave me tips that I used in an actual case. The specific information I picked up from this one discussion saved me $10,000, enough to cover my membership for many years!
- Steve Savino
Manager of Credit & Collections, ASSA Abloy Americas Division, New Haven, CT

Credit Today's Resource Directory and their online e-mail forum (ListServ) provide information on almost any credit-related topic you can think of. It is a great way to exchange information with other credit professionals. As the saying goes, "You don't know what you don't know."
- Scott Goen, Credit Manager, Big Lots Stores, Inc., Wholesale Division

"We've recently started using the ListServ tool within Credit Today. This is phenomenal and powerful forum for gaining immediate feedback, ideas, and suggestions, relative to any credit topic under the sun, all in a real-time e-mail format."
-Javier Vela, Senior Credit Manager, Global Credit Services, JDA Software Group Inc.

"Being a part of the Credit Today online community is like having the expertise of hundreds of credit managers at your fingertips. These credit execs are willing to help you solve topical business issues as they arise. In the current environment of ever increasing competing priorities which reduce our opportunities to meet peers out of the office face-to-face, this is the most valuable tool you can have on your desktop! It's important that we have a mechanism to reach out to our counterparts quickly to exchange knowledge as well as to stay on top of industry trends."
- Victoria Artis, Director of Customer Financial Services, Pfizer, Inc.

"Over the last 10 years I've seen Credit Today evolve from a monthly credit publication into a quality source of information and guidance for the B2B credit community. The website, with its user friendly form downloads, will take you from examples of new account credit applications to bankruptcy forms and everything in between.

The Credit Today ListServ has become the pre-eminent online forum, providing an opportunity for discussion and comments (and occasional humor) from an impressive list of credit professionals."
David Dungan, Director of Credit
Justin Brands, Inc. (A Berkshire Hathaway company)
Fort Worth, Texas

"There are numerous credit periodicals available to the credit professional today. How good is Credit Today? Is it relevant? I always have to read it late, or online because my credit analysts want to read it the minute it comes in. When my staff wants to read a publication before I have a chance to read it then something is working in that publication. We have cancelled our other subscriptions. When you have the best you do not need the rest."
Ron Woods
Corporate Credit Manager-World Wide
Thales Navigation, Inc.

"The newsletter, coupled with the website and the ListServ, are to us, more valuable than any other credit publication, bar none. I try to use at least one article out of each newsletter for departmental training/discussion sessions."
D. Mark Constantine
Corporate Credit Mgr
Fulton Paper Company

"I love Credit Today and read every issue cover to cover. For me, the greatest perk of a subscription is ListServ. I believe Credit Today's ListServ members may be the most knowledgeable Credit brain trust in existence today. I have saved and categorized hundreds of contributions on a wide variety of topics which I refer to often. It's an easy and cost effective way to network and learn."
Doug M. Thomas
Kimberly-Clark Customer Financial Services

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Credit Today is the premier online portal for trade credit professionals.

This web site and all the resources within are for Members of Credit Today Online.

Sales Input For Your Credit Manual? Taking it up a Notch!
"It was amazing," said Dan Sproat, credit manager at Bakersfield, CA-based oil and gas distributor Wholesale Fuels, Inc. He was referring to the reaction of his sales department after he solicited their input on the newly compiled Credit Department Policies and Procedures Manual. Sproat, who . . . keep reading

NACM Affiliates: A Rundown of Dues, Services, and Easy Links to All
Originally posted: November 12, 2013
Eight NACM Affiliates offer Memberships below $300 and one is offering Membership for less than $200! But more important than the dues is what you get for those rates. Here's a rundown of all NACM affiliates, including the services offered, their location, service area, their website and their dues.

Do you know what each of the "four core services" are and which are offered at each affiliate? Find out within! . . .
keep reading
Credit Card Surcharges and State Laws to the Contrary
By David Schmidt
Credit Card Surcharges and State Laws to the Contrary As part of a January 2013 settlement agreement in an antitrust lawsuit against Visa and MasterCard brought by retailers, vendors have been able to charge a surcharge to consumers who choose to pay with a credit card. This surcharge is capped at 4 percent of the purchase price for consumers, but can be any percentage the retailer chooses up to that limit, as long as it does not exceed the merchant rate being paid by the retailer. The same rules apply to B2B vendors. This surcharge only applies to credit cards and not to debit or prepaid cards.

Includes a chart detailing which states ban surcharges. . . .
keep reading
Tips For Setting Your Automatic Write-off Threshold
Do you have an automatic write-off threshold for small balances left outstanding on you're A/R?

Some companies can research every short payment that comes their way, but for many, it's simply not practical to do that. To keep up, you must set a minimum threshold, under which you automatically write off everything. . . .
keep reading

Achieving Credit's Potential as a Profit Center with a Cash Rebate Program
Achieving Credit's Potential as a Profit Center with a Cash Rebate Program Pay within 15 days and receive a 2 percent rebate by the middle of the following month. That's the gist of this company's program for accelerating payments, boosting sales and avoiding all the costly and time consuming effort of dealing with unearned cash discounts. It's been working beautifully for years, and the mystery is why more companies don't use it. . . . keep reading
Credit Today Interview: New Collection Certification Agency Establishes Standards Board
September 4, 2014
Credit Today Interview: New Collection Certification Agency Establishes Standards Board The newly formed Commercial Collection Agencies of America (CCA of A) has announced the formation of a Standards Board. To find out the significance of this event and its implication for the business credit granting community we contacted Emil Hartleb, one of the nation's leading authorities on business credit and the commercial debt collection industry. The following are the results of our interview with Emil: . . . keep reading
Bank Payment Obligations (BPOs) -- A Primer For Trade Credit Execs
By Ron Wells
Bank Payment Obligations (BPOs) -- A Primer For Trade Credit Execs In this article, we cover what you need to know in order to start replacing Standby Letters of Credit and/or Documentary Letters of Credit (LCs) with the BPO or BPO-Plus process respectively, including:
  • The five key benefits of BPO for trade credit execs
  • A sample bank liability disclaimer you can expect
  • Seller action steps - replacing Standby LCs with BPO
  • Seller action Steps - replacing Documentary LCs With BPO-Plus
  • Buyer action steps - replacing Standby LCs With BPO
  • Buyer action steps - replacing Documentary LCs With BPO-plus
. . .
keep reading

An Expert's Checklist of Key Solvency & Payment Indicators
"It is very easy to get overwhelmed in ratios and lose perspective," notes our old friend, veteran credit exec and former consultant Bruce Diamond. His advice: keep it simple and use this checklist to choose those areas you wish to focus on. . . . keep reading

Meetings that Work
By David Schmidt
Meetings that Work While a co-worker drones on about some problem his team is having that has nothing to do with you, you zone out. Staring into space you wonder if you should pretend to take notes, but instead make some sketches for the kitchen upgrade you've been contemplating and start working on a grocery list.

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, many of us find this scenario all too familiar. Businesses everywhere force employees to devote considerable time to The Meeting. . . .
keep reading
Credit Today Senior Credit Executive Symposium: Only Two Spots Left!
Credit Today Senior Credit Executive Symposium: Only Two Spots Left! Are you a senior-level credit exec interested in getting together with 22 other high-level, very smart credit execs at the only four-star hotel on San Antonio's Riverwalk? If so, then join us for our Senior Credit Executive Symposium!

Note: To join us, you must be sponsored by an existing Member (if you're not sure if you know someone to sponsor you, please call our office at 540-343-7500). This exclusive event is a roll-up-your-shirtsleeves event where YOU set the agenda and get direct feedback and ideas from you peers on your most pressing problems and improvement opportunities. . . .
keep reading

Private Equity Outfits May Be on the Prowl for Some of Your Best Customers
That privately held company--prosperous and well managed--you have long valued as a customer may, at this very moment, be being sized up as an acquisition by a private equity or hedge fund. These funds are sitting on an estimated $462 billion to be put to work in buyouts, up from $399 in December, according to research firm Preqin. And these choice, privately held companies--free from the nuisance of stockholder objections--are currently their favorite target. Their pristine balance sheets will be loaded up with debt, and you could be dealing with difficult and even hostile new management. . . . keep reading
2014 Credit Card Survey: More Mainstream Than Ever
by David Schmidt
2014 Credit Card Survey: More Mainstream Than Ever This is the fourth time Credit Today has conducted a survey regarding credit card practices. While we have not seen any dramatic changes to the landscape, it is changing nonetheless. The prime take away is that the acceptance of credit cards as a payment mechanism is increasingly becoming a mainstream practice for business credit grantors.

If you are not already accepting credit cards, it is increasingly likely you will in the future, and if credit card acceptance is new to your organization, you will undoubtedly see credit cards used more frequently in a wider variety of situations as time goes by.

Accordingly, here are the key findings we gleaned from this survey:
  • Credit card acceptance continues to grow among B2B firms
  • At the same time an increased percentage of customer are paying by credit card
  • Cost is the largest barrier to credit card acceptance
  • Most credit card payments are handled over the phone
  • Cards are being accepted in a wide variety of payment scenarios
  • Despite the impact of transaction fees, the survey did not uncover any consistency among survey participants in terms of efforts to offset them
. . .
keep reading
Benchmarking Credit Cards, Part 2: Navigating the Costs
Benchmarking Credit Cards, Part 2: Navigating the Costs In Part 2 of the results of our Benchmarking Survey on Credit Card acceptance by business credit departments, we take a look at...
  • What percent of companies allow both prompt pay discounts and credit card payment?
  • Cost saving strategies for processing credit cards
  • The percent of companies that assess surcharges for credit card use
  • The amount of the surcharges being assessed, as well as how (i.e., fixed or percentage?)
  • The most popular merchants (39 in all)
  • Median, upper & lower quartile of merchant account fees
  • A ranking of the key benefits of accepting credit cards
  • Readers weigh in with advice, best practices, and key challenges
. . .
keep reading
Customer to Sales: "Your Credit Manager is Being Ridiculous"
Often when global corporation gets a new customer and the sales person asks them to send financial statements to Credit, they say, "Oh, we don't do that. Here's the basic information we give, and that's all were going to do."

"Our sales people know that's not acceptable to us, but they don't want to get involved, and we don't want them to," notes the Senior Director of Corporate Credit. "So we get on phone to their contact, sometimes a purchasing guy, and we explain why we need it and we even offer them an out." . . .
keep reading
Vetting Vendors With a Heavy Emphasis on Financial Statement Analysis
Vetting Vendors With a Heavy Emphasis on Financial Statement Analysis Production plants and other business units of this corporate giant have some explaining to do if they blunder when selecting a vendor or contractor for a major purchase or project. Comprehensive vetting is readily available from the credit department, which ALWAYS asks for financial statements. No one wants to hear the question, "Why didn't you ask for it?" . . . keep reading
The 5 Principles of Gaining Agreement
By Barry Elms
The 5 Principles of Gaining Agreement There are few things more satisfying in credit management than that moment when the customer you have been working with to resolve a cash flow problem or a complex dispute on the account says; "we have a deal," that moment when all your hard work and tireless effort finally comes to fruition. Whether it took days, weeks or even months to get agreement, one thing is sure: it didn't happen by accident. But how did it happen? What were the factors that determined the outcome? Why did this deal work when others did not? . . . keep reading

A History of the Commercial Collection Agency Association
By Emil Hartleb, August 6, 2014
A History of the Commercial Collection Agency Association On May 1, 2014 the Board of Governors of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) dissolved the Commercial Collection Agency Association (CCAA).

The CCAA had been in existence for approximately 42 years and had a reputation in the credit granting community as an entity whose members provided excellent service and were concerned with serving the business credit community in the best possible manner. . . .
keep reading

Achieving World-Class Risk Analysis With Credit Insurance
Achieving World-Class Risk Analysis With Credit Insurance Today's historically low credit insurance premiums may provide an opportunity to vastly and affordably improve your credit risk analysis. You have a partner with "skin in the game" and an army of analysts scrutinizing the most current financial information to prevent losses--to you and to them.

. . .
keep reading
Five Reasons to Reject a Customer Purchase Order
Assume that a customer submits a purchase order listing terms of 90 days from the date of your invoice, rather than your usual terms of net 30 days. If your order-entry department fills the order without addressing the incorrect terms of sale, the customer will claim that the invoice has incorrect d . . . keep reading

Back Filling Credit Management
You're "backfilling", in current management parlance, when you assign one employee to handle another employee's responsibilities when an employee is moved out of his or her regularly assigned duties. Backfilling can be a way to quickly address the need for resources during major software implementations. In this credit professional's case, backfilling occurred over a year ago and allowed for a rapid transition while benefiting the company and all involved. . . . keep reading
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This month's survey takes a look at:
  • The extent to which customers are demanding longer terms ("their" payment terms, rather than your selling terms)
  • Who approves any requests for longer terms
  • Whether companies have formal policies in place to handle such requests
  • How far terms are being extended
  • What strategies are used by companies when these requests are received
  • Whether credit managers' own companies are also seeking longer terms from THEIR suppliers (and what we can learn from that)
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