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Our Subscribers Say...

I think Credit Today is fantastic. You cover many practical topics in the credit field that I use regularly. Just one recent example—a conversation on the ListServ about preferential payments—gave me tips that I used in an actual case. The specific information I picked up from this one discussion saved me $10,000, enough to cover my membership for many years!
- Steve Savino
Manager of Credit & Collections, ASSA Abloy Americas Division, New Haven, CT

Credit Today's Resource Directory and their online e-mail forum (ListServ) provide information on almost any credit-related topic you can think of. It is a great way to exchange information with other credit professionals. As the saying goes, "You don't know what you don't know."
- Scott Goen, Credit Manager, Big Lots Stores, Inc., Wholesale Division

"We've recently started using the ListServ tool within Credit Today. This is phenomenal and powerful forum for gaining immediate feedback, ideas, and suggestions, relative to any credit topic under the sun, all in a real-time e-mail format."
-Javier Vela, Senior Credit Manager, Global Credit Services, JDA Software Group Inc.

"Being a part of the Credit Today online community is like having the expertise of hundreds of credit managers at your fingertips. These credit execs are willing to help you solve topical business issues as they arise. In the current environment of ever increasing competing priorities which reduce our opportunities to meet peers out of the office face-to-face, this is the most valuable tool you can have on your desktop! It's important that we have a mechanism to reach out to our counterparts quickly to exchange knowledge as well as to stay on top of industry trends."
- Victoria Artis, Director of Customer Financial Services, Pfizer, Inc.

"Over the last 10 years I've seen Credit Today evolve from a monthly credit publication into a quality source of information and guidance for the B2B credit community. The website, with its user friendly form downloads, will take you from examples of new account credit applications to bankruptcy forms and everything in between.

The Credit Today ListServ has become the pre-eminent online forum, providing an opportunity for discussion and comments (and occasional humor) from an impressive list of credit professionals."
David Dungan, Director of Credit
Justin Brands, Inc. (A Berkshire Hathaway company)
Fort Worth, Texas

"There are numerous credit periodicals available to the credit professional today. How good is Credit Today? Is it relevant? I always have to read it late, or online because my credit analysts want to read it the minute it comes in. When my staff wants to read a publication before I have a chance to read it then something is working in that publication. We have cancelled our other subscriptions. When you have the best you do not need the rest."
Ron Woods
Corporate Credit Manager-World Wide
Thales Navigation, Inc.

"The newsletter, coupled with the website and the ListServ, are to us, more valuable than any other credit publication, bar none. I try to use at least one article out of each newsletter for departmental training/discussion sessions."
D. Mark Constantine
Corporate Credit Mgr
Fulton Paper Company

"I love Credit Today and read every issue cover to cover. For me, the greatest perk of a subscription is ListServ. I believe Credit Today's ListServ members may be the most knowledgeable Credit brain trust in existence today. I have saved and categorized hundreds of contributions on a wide variety of topics which I refer to often. It's an easy and cost effective way to network and learn."
Doug M. Thomas
Kimberly-Clark Customer Financial Services

Credit Today newsletter

Welcome to
Credit Today Online

Credit Today is the premier online portal for trade credit professionals.

This web site and all the resources within are for Members of Credit Today Online.

Increasing Sales With Customers You Know Can Pay--A Credit Management Specialty
Increasing Sales With Customers You Know Can Pay--A Credit Management Specialty This credit management veteran visited a customer with the sales person and--Bingo!--he spotted an opportunity that has increased sales by $12,000 a month. Better yet, it opened a new sales channel for previously hard-to-move product. Not bad for one day's work.

Chairs, awnings and other large items are not normally the types of inventory to be front and center in an RV dealer's parts store. Rather, you'd typically find them towards the back right. But they were front and center at a 10,000 square foot particular store. Visiting the dealer with the area salesman . . .
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Using Customer Meetings at Trade Shows to Balance Credit Risk and Opportunity
Using Customer Meetings at Trade Shows to Balance Credit Risk and Opportunity You can't blame the customer for trying to get the best credit terms on a big new order -- or your salesman for supporting him. But risk is your responsibility. This credit veteran has found that a meeting between the three of you at a trade show can be the best place for quickly balancing risk and opportunity. . . . keep reading
There's a Reason They Put This Guy on the $100 Bill
There's a Reason They Put This Guy on the $100 Bill Well, actually many reasons. Ben Franklin was an inventor, a philosopher, a successful publisher and businessman, the first U.S. Postmaster General, the originator of volunteer fire departments, a diplomat, a flirt (well, maybe we won't go down that path today), and known as a founding father of the United States. . . . keep reading

Turnaround Story: Bringing Chronic Slow Pays in Line With Promissory Notes
You're not a bank, so why would you want to do business with promissory notes? "Because that may be your best way of handling serious delinquencies while continuing to do business with these customers." That's what happened here when this credit-consultant-turned credit and collection manager took over a dysfunctional department. Read on for a great turnaround story. . . . keep reading
Spotting Risks and Opportunities with Credit Scoring
Spotting Risks and Opportunities with Credit Scoring High risks are a daily fact of life for this credit management veteran. But, then again, so are promising opportunities. So spotting both are crucial for him. And he's found credit scoring a powerful tool for meeting those responsibilities.

Learn what tools this veteran credit exec uses and how they help him cut losses, aid their sales efforts, and find the right risks to take. . . .
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How One Credit Manager Reduced DSO By 14%
By Dean Kaplan
How One Credit Manager Reduced DSO By 14% When Lhoist North America hired Chris Soignier as Credit Manager in 2012, senior management recognized that they wanted to better control risk and reduce DSO. They had just made DSO one of the variables that impacted bonuses for sales people, but there was there was still much to do in order to achieve their objectives.

Chris identified a number of issues that needed attention, including: . . .
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Tech Buyer's Guide: Lockboxes On the Way Out?
January 26, 2015
Last year, our benchmarking survey on Cash Application & Remittance Processing revealed that - not surprisingly, lockboxes are used by 76 percent of compan . . . keep reading

Huge Productivity Gains: Expert Insights Into Remittance Processing Technology
By Dave Schmidt
Huge Productivity Gains: Expert Insights Into Remittance Processing Technology Applying customer payments in a timely and accurate manner is a key part of the order-to-cash process. Keyed manually into an A/R software module, cash posting can take considerable time. Furthermore, due to lack of information, some payments will be posted on account pending further research (or otherwise tagged to a suspense account or flagged for follow-up). Automated remittance processing systems will greatly reduce the time and labor required to post customer payments and increase the number of postings that are cleared on the first pass. In this article...
  • A checklist of eight critical issues to consider when analyzing your remittance processes
  • A breakdown of the key benefits to automation in each of autocash, EIPP, and credit/debit matching
  • The top two factors driving change in the remittance processing arena
  • The implications for lock box usage
. . .
keep reading
Version 3, Section 7, of Credit and Collection Technology Guide Launched on Remittance Processing
January 2015
Version 3, Section 7, of Credit and Collection Technology Guide Launched on Remittance Processing Just released: the second installment of Version 3.0 of Credit Today's Technology Buyer's Guide! Far and away, the industry-leading technology report and buyer's guide continues!
  • Get our expert advice on the entire process associated with remittance processing, it's automation, and the vendors bringing solutions in this arena.
  • Written in plain English for credit & financial execs, IT professionals
  • Independent and comprehensive analysis
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to put together a Request For Proposal, including our exclusive "pull-out version" of our vendor questionnaire.
  • Glossary of terms and acronyms associated with remittance processing
  • Exclusive and detailed "Vendor Comparison" charts
  • Revealing "Who's Using Whom" charts
. . .
keep reading

Use This Chart to Get a Handle on the OTC Process and All Technology Associated With It
Use This Chart to Get a Handle on the OTC Process and All Technology Associated With It Credit is all about the order-to-cash process, with the emphasis these days on process. It helps to start with the big picture and have a framework, and of course, the "big 3" of that include, credit, collections, and receivables (cash app).

But from a strategic and organizational standpoint, there's a lot more detail. And today - when process improvement can make you a hero (or, probably better put, when the lack of it will get you unemployed), it helps to really analyze all that goes on. . . .
keep reading
Organization Chart "Idea Book" a Wrap!
Organization Chart "Idea Book" a Wrap! We just put the finishing touches on a new booklet with samples of Members' Organization Charts. It's a great way to compare what your peers are doing as far as organizing their departments.

The idea for the booklet came from an inquiry on our Discussion Forum ("listserv") when a Member asked for help in developing his company's organization chart. The question centered more on organizational issues than the actual CHART, but we thought it might be useful to be able to eyeball a number of different organizational charts. . . .
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Who's Got Staying Power?
Plunging oil prices threaten to drag over-leveraged companies in oil, gas and related industries into a vortex of unpayable debt and ruin. For their trade creditors it promises to be a time of both extreme risk and above average opportunity.

Back in the 80s when this credit exec was just getting into commercial credit management, his mentor gave him some advice. . . .
keep reading
I Like Playing Texas Hold-Em; I Must Be A Credit Manager
By Guy Nishida
I Like Playing Texas Hold-Em; I Must Be A Credit Manager I find many similarities between playing winning poker and being a successful Credit Manager. I believe that there are definitely transferable skills between the two. Deciding whether or not to play a hand of cards is part gambling and part investing - identical ingredients in deciding whether or not to extend credit. Both require one to make decisions based on incomplete information. You have not seen all the cards yet and you do not know the cards the other player holds. In both cases you must make an educated guess and calculate the potential profit both in the short-term and the long-term against the risk. . . . keep reading

Detecting Bogus Orders--The Smell Test and Much More
For alert credit management, most fraudulent orders arrive festooned with warning signs. This credit veteran talks about what they are, and then she goes on to detail the procedures that they have established to ensure that even clever fraudsters don't get orders through her organization. . . . keep reading
Using Game Theory to Get Things Done
In credit, we often are required to implement decisions and get things done with corporate peers and customers who have different objectives.

With that in mind, here is a set of communication rules that will serve you well. They were developed by legendary social psychologist Anatol Rapoport, best known for originating a "tit-for-tat strategy" for game theory: . . .
keep reading

You Need to Establish Information Pipelines With Customers Taken Over in Leveraged Buyouts
Tibco Software, Inc. calculated its earnings through the 12 months ending August 31 at $239 million. Vista Equity Partners, which is taking Tibco private in a leveraged buyout, has recalculated those earnings at $378 million. The Wall Street Journal reported that, in projecting this 58 percent increase, Vista factored in "cost savings the buyout would generate."

We called Vista is ask what particular cost saving they had in mind. They have not responded. But while the nature of the savings may be vague, the purpose and consequences are perfectly obvious. . . .
keep reading
Credit Today Benchmarking Survey: 2014 Unclaimed Property -- Credit Takes the Lead in Handling Unapplied Credit Balances
By David Schmidt
Credit Today Benchmarking Survey: 2014 Unclaimed Property -- Credit Takes the Lead in Handling Unapplied Credit Balances We've heard the horror stories of unclaimed property audits and recognize that cash-strapped states are increasingly looking for additional sources of revenue, so we sought to quantify exactly what is going on out there. This survey gathered information on:
  • What percent of companies have been audited, and of those,
  • What percent paid a fine
  • What states are doing the auditing (and how often)
  • What percent of companies have formal unclaimed property policies
  • Who put together those policies
  • Any lessons-learned from those who have been through the process
. . .
keep reading
Tech Notes: New Insights for Construction Credit Management and Automated Lien Management
By David Schmidt
Credit executives involved in the construction industry face special challenges. Credit risks extend beyond your customer to include projects' physical and financial supply chains. The real risks are obscured unless you can access the Notices of Commencement, Notices of Completion, Mechanic's Liens, and Performance Bonds that are filed on construction projects across the US in each of the roughly 3,000 counties, and that show the true character of your customer and the contractors further up the feeding chain. Here we take a look at some great new tools to help you manage these processes. . . . keep reading
How to Keep Customers From Slipping Dangerous PO Clauses Past You
A few weeks ago our lead story was on how credit execs are on the front line in the process of spotting purchase order changes from customers ("Credit on the Front Line: Strategies For Neutralizing Damaging PO Language"). We detailed credit veteran Allen Vicker's strategies for coping with this situation. He offered up what we'd describe as a "master class" in how to stop these very-dangerous-to-your-cash-flow document in their tracks!

After learning the hard way, he developed a very specific system for spotting and dealing with customer attempts to slip purchase orders past an unsuspecting supplier. . . .
keep reading

Forecasting Monthly Collections
Forecasting Monthly Collections End-of-month collections are forecasted at this billion-dollar plus company at the beginning of each month with an average of 96 to 97 percent accuracy. That's been a boon to Treasury's cash planning and a valuable guide for Credit and Sales operations. We explore this forecasting system and extend its creator's invitation to contact him if you'd like to establish a similar system like this at your company. . . . keep reading
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