What the NEW 2007 Salary & Job Satisfaction Survey Covers . . .

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The NEW 2007 Credit Today Salary & Job Satisfaction Survey is the most comprehensive salary survey ever conducted in the credit industry! We've continued to improve on our industry-leading survey. You'll receive valuable, detailed information available nowhere else on today's credit salaries. But it goes far deeper than simply salaries.

You'll find detailed salary data showing . . .

  • Starting, mid-point, and high range for all major credit department positions
  • Bonus practices: The positions that get them, and how much they are
  • Pay and job satisfaction differences based on who you report to
  • Salaries by line of business
  • Salaries at public versus private companies
  • Salaries based on specific job responsibilities
  • Benefit practices, such as stock options, insurance, 401(K), cell phones, and many others

You'll also find exclusive data on how salaries relate to . . .

  • Job titles
  • Regions
  • Educational level
  • A/R portfolios
  • Sales levels
  • Profit margins
  • Staff size
  • Business type
  • Transaction volume

And valuable career guidance . . .

  • Skills that lead to promotion of credit executives
  • How top credit executives spend their time
  • Top factors for judging credit exec job performance
  • Factors associated with high and low job satisfaction
  • Reasons for high and low staff turnover

Credit Today doesn't just give you the facts. After we mine the data, we refine it to show you what it all means. The survey is in an easy-to-understand format, with charts, graphs, and expert analysis. This powerful tool is a must have reference for all credit departments.

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